About us

Since 1996 we are active in Mallorca in the fields of project development, architecture, project management, interior design and marketing of real estate. We are your partner for high quality real estate.

Our passion is the development and construction of luxurious, beautiful villas. Our experience and sensitivity to creating properties that feel good are just one of the many things that set us apart.

It is close to our hearts to create customised objects with a good soul for our customers. We are always inspired by technology and design and implement innovations in detail.


A house lives through the harmony of the materials, the rooms and the surroundings. The soul of the house has a direct effect on the well-being of its inhabitants.


From the very beginning of the development of new projects, our entire team is involved in all the important decision-making processes. We pay a lot of attention to all aspects and details that contribute to the well-being of the future owners. We are experts in the fields of architecture, interior design, project management and engineering.


We control and supervise all construction measures and, together with the construction partners, guarantee a ready-to-occupy handover on schedule, including designer furnishings, decoration and initial fittings if desired.


We build our SOULVILLAS with the best design and quality. Through the conscious use of the highest quality, traditional natural materials, innovative technology and the harmonious interplay of all elements, surfaces, colours and dimensions, we achieve the best living experience, combined with a beautiful ambience and living comfort.